For months now, during quarantine, I have been harvesting camellia flowers from my back yard. I soak them in hot water, then arrange them in a circular pattern and allow them to sit for days.  Waiting, as all of us have over the past year, for something new to evolve over time; answers to reveal themselves. It is this time based process of collecting, honoring the inherent value of the plant and all that contributed to it's growth (the warmth of the sun, the thirst quenched by rain, the richness of the soil), and placing the vibrant flowers on the paper to rest and make their mark, not mine, that is highlighted in this work. The pieces embrace the idea that time is circular and that all things that were will come again. This concept is further driven home by repetition. I have made over 50 of these circular works now; each with a different visual outcome despite the same human hand and process. Each embodying the reciprocal circle/cycle of Nature.